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Butler County Children Services is the county agency responsible for investigating allegations of abuse or neglect and acting to protect children from harm.  Children services works to stabilize the family so that children can remain safely in the home.  When children cannot remain safely in the home, children services identifies a temporary, safe home for the child and continues to work with the family so the child can return home.

Intake  |   Special Investigations   |   Ongoing

Family Preservation  |  Foster Care  | Adoption  |   Kinship Care



Intake is a division in children services that takes reports of abuse and neglect, investigates and when appropriate takes action to protect children and help families.

When Children Services receives a report of suspected abuse or neglect, the law requires us to:

  • Determine if the report is an inquiry or an actual report of abuse or neglect.
  • Investigate.
  • Respond immediately to children who are in danger.


If we find that a child has been abused or neglected, children services must take steps to protect the child and help the family.


Children Services is required by law to keep any information about the person who reports abuse or neglect confidential.  Giving your name, however, makes it possible for a caseworker to get in touch with you later if more information is needed.


Ongoing Services

Ongoing is a division of children services that monitors children and their families and helps them to stabilize.  When an investigation determines that a child has been abused or neglected or a child is dependent, an ongoing caseworker is assigned to work with that family.  The ongoing caseworker helps the family develop a case plan that:

  • Ensure the child’s safety
  • Outlines specific steps the family must take.
  • Specific services available to help the family such as parenting classes, treatment, etc.


The ongoing caseworker monitors the safety of the child and the progress of the family.


Special Investigations

Special Investigations is a highly trained unit within children services that specializes in investigating allegations of sexual abuse and reports of abuse outside the home.  Sexual abuse investigations are especially difficult and require specialized training and effective interaction with key partners such as law enforcement, medical personnel, etc.


Family Preservation

Foster Care and Adoption

The Foster Care and Adoption division of children services:

  • Recruits potential foster and adoptive families.
  • Places children in adoptive homes and helps facilitate adoption finalizations.
  • Conducts homestudies.
  • Monitors required training.
  • Recommends licensure to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS)
  • Supports and maintains existing foster and adoptive homes.


Kinship Care

Supporting relatives and family friends who are caring for children whose parents cannot is the goal of the kinship support services. Kinship staff help kinship caregivers access support services in the community and navigate support available through other agencies such as Job and Family Services.




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